This is about Christ, Christianity and the Word of God which reproves, corrects and instruct in the Ways of God.


Doubt could be defined as calling into question or mistrusting or disbelieving a person or thing. It is a state of being uncertain, unsure and undecided in regards to the Truth. This is the process of wavering in opinion.
This is the greatest tool that the devil uses to steal, kill and destroy our trust, faith and belief in God. Remember, this is his ministry; “to still, to kill and to destroy.”
The account in Genesis 3:1-10, reveals satan’s first visit to man and how he redefined God’s word using the instrument of doubt.
It is not a sin to be tempted with doubt, but a sin to yield to it (doubt). We should, like Abraham who offered up Isaac (Gen. 22:1-19) without doubt, being ‘fully persuaded’, build ourselves to:
(1) Understand the voice of God (John 10:4)
(2) Understand how He speaks to us individually, and
(3) Yield without delay.
Many of us are like Gideon, asking for sign after sign, and like Thomas who would not believe till he had seen. Hear the words of Jesus:

    “…….blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” – John 20:29b

In recent times, one of the biggest cause of doubt in Christians, is unanswered prayers. when the Lord visited Abraham and told him that he shall have a son, Sarah his wife laughed. This was a sign of doubt.
Like Abraham, the Father of Faith, we overcome doubt when we do not subject the word of God to our reasoning. the instruction may sound foolish, like stepping into the Jordan without the rod of Moses, presenting water when wine was needed, pouring a little oil to fill as many borrowed jars as possible, or a leper going to show himself healed to the Priest when no “hand” of deliverance was laid. It makes no sense! Yet that is what we are expected to do! Like Peter was told in John 21, we should shut our eyes and allow the Holy Spirit lead us, even to places we would not love to go! Remember it was “open eyes”  (Genesis 3:7) that plunged Man into condemnation!
We should also watch the confessions we make! Not only believing the Word of God, but affirming and re-affirming it even unto death! look at Shadrach, Meshach and Abbednego (Daniel 3), they were willing to lay down their lives for the Word of God; and the scripture says “…. and they loved not their lives unto the death.”
Beloved, are you willing to uphold the Word of God even at the peril of your life? With no food on your table, no money in your bank account or in your pocket? Only “foolishly” holding to the Word of God? Acknowledging you know nothing and are worth nothing? The denial of self that places doubt, on self and not on God or His Word, for there is nothing good in man. That is where Faith can be found! That is the only weapon that defeats doubt.

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