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No matter the limitations the  enemy places against you or  around you God can bring you out  and take you beyond. Peter, in Acts chapter 12, was surrounded by  four soldiers in four shifts totaling  sixteen. Two watched at the cells  door and the other two were  chained to him. Herod was not  taking any chances especially after hearing of his miraculous or should  we say his mysterious  escape  from custody in Acts 5:17 – 23. The security was tight. But he could not be imprisoned! Neither can you be  imprisoned!
No rescue team, no last minute  legal appeals, no behind the scene  bribery. Nothing! It was an  impossible situation! All around  you there may be obstacles,  human and demonic, threatening to stop or limit you, with no hope or  help in sight. Love ones may have  abandoned you, those you helped  in the past rather than help, turn  out to be the source of the  afflictions and they rejoice over  your helpless and impossible  situation.
But with God all things are  possible! Peter knew this and was  at peace! No anxiety, no fear, no  worry! He slept between two  soldiers (Verse 6). An anxious  person cannot sleep. Peter wasn’t!  Don’t allow the enemy take your  joy or your sleep. Be at peace with  God. Peter trusted God with his life. Whether it be death or life, he  trusted! Trust God.
Your faith is your pillow in the days  of storm and trial. God’s wise and  good thought for you cannot  manifest until you trust Him. Your  trust in Him brings you Peace, for  He will always speake peace to  those that trust in Him.
People prayed for Peter. Jesus is  presently praying for you. People  you do not know are also praying  for you. The 7000 prophets  couldn’t have been eating and  drinking. They may also have  prayed for Elijah’s success at  Camel. At the darkest hour of your  life, God will shine His light! He has never forsaken His own, and you  will not be an exception. Faithful is  He. There is no door or gate that  God cannot open! There is no lock  that He cannot pick! There is no  combination He cannot break!
Be it your job, your marriage,  ministry, spiritual life, social life,  finance, everything about you. God can deliver you! You can’t be caged!