“He that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house; but he that hateth gifts shall live.” Proverbs 15:27

I was in a bus recently and the driver pulled into a petrol station to buy fuel. The filling- station attendant told the driver the cost per litre. At this the conductor screamed and said they would not buy. The driver insisted they buy, informing him that the fuel remaining would not go far but the conductor would not listen. He suggested they buy at the next filling station.
What was the difference? Only N10 (Ten Naira). Yet, he hiked almost double, the cost of boarding his bus.
Every passenger in the bus encouraged the driver to overlook the difference and buy. Obviously, the conductor owned the bus and had the last say. We moved away from the station and have not driven up to four minutes when the bus jerked to a stop. The driver shot a quick glance at the conductor without saying a word, and as if that was the cue, all the passengers spoke angrily at the conductor who took a jerry-can, crossed the road and boarded a bus back to the station we just left to buy at the price he had refused!
Think about the time wasted, the money he paid to and from the station and the demeaning words of angry passengers. Only because he did not want to part with a few Kobos, despite the hike in fare.
Indeed, greed is expensively costly! And whosoever is greedy indeed troubles his household.