Adversities are myriads of hard and unpleasant situations that come unexpectedly, threatening to stop, kill or destroy not just what we build but even our very lives.
They are not accidents, but part of God’s plan! (John 16:33a)
They are opportunities in disguise for growth, increase and promotion. (Jas 1:12).
However if not properly approached they can leave you bitter rather than better!
First, we must realize that satan cannot afflict or inflict us except God allows him. God is sovereign and no single hair falls without His permission. All things report to Him. If He allows a thing or a situation to befall us, then there must be good in it for us, that is why we have to “count it all joy” when we fall into trials and temptations!
The attitude of victory is not in knowing “why” things happen as we often say, but “on whom” we have believed. Our power lies in “looking unto Jesus”, no matter the distraction, no matter the instrument used.
And so, no matter how fierce or hard the fight may be, keep holding on! At the end of the tunnel there would be a light! It may be a long, dark and scary tunnel, yet it has an end, and a new session of light shall come flooding in!
“Though weeping may endure for the night, joy comes in the morning”, haleluya!
So lift up your head, square up your shoulders and walk with the confidence of the Just! God has justified you and no man can condemn you! You are god on earth!
Welcome to Victory!